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Plant Maintenance 


- ACC blades

- ACC gearboxes

- Oil leaks 

- Piping modifications

- Compressor maintenance

- Motor replacements

- Pump replacements

- SCR maintenance

- Valves

- Seals

- Fin fan inspections

- Fin fan replacements

- Well pad maintenance

- Fish screen ladders

- WSAC inspection and repair

- Cooler maintenance

- Economizer pumps

- Torque bolting 

- Foundation repair

- All other balance of plant work

Let us handle your plant maintenance needs to ensure your machines maintain their operating efficiency. Our team of millwrights have the knowledge and standards to inspect, diagnose, communicate, and fix machinery in a pro active manner that will help to save your plant money and downtime. Our field supervision and office field staff will work with you to find the most cost effective manpower schedules, if need be. Our field supervision is made up of year round millwrights who bring with them a knowledge of many different types of plants to make sure all of your balance of plant work will be taken care of in a safe and productive manner.

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