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We provide plant maintenance at power generation, petro - chemical, and gas processing plants.


We repair and replace, on site or in shop, rotating and reciprocating equipment.


We overhaul critical, rotating and reciprocating, equipment

Millwright Services

Stephens Mechanical Corp. is a union millwright contractor with shops in Northern and Southern California. We provide field services for turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, engines, gearboxes, and other critical industrial machinery. 

Dependable Experience.
Quality Workmanship.

Stephens Mechanical Corp. was founded based off an idea that the customer receives the service they requested and the service they were promised.  We provide quality service and enhanced productivity for our customers. We focus on a safe and productive workplace through complete and precise planning and professional execution. SMC is a quality and cost-effective alternative to OEM's for all of your industrial machinery needs. We pride ourselves on quality work from start to finish.


We have a commitment to safety that is clearly

reflected in our record. Employees are trained to execute industry standard tasks in the safest possible manner.


Our goal is to reduce your down time and to find quicker, more productive ways of working.

Response Time

We understand your needs, and the responsibility we have to our customers to be on site quickly. Our history reflects our commitment to put customer first. 

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